Tony Robbins Coaching
Compared to TCC Coaching

You are encouraged to read this Description of Tony Robbins Coaching and the other 4 comparative descriptions to find the program that is best for you. In truth, no one method is best for everyone, so knowing your options will help you make a much more informed and valuable choice.
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We only discuss the Tony Robbins Coaching portion of the Robbins Empire.

Robbins’ attorneys claimed that he started “Tony Robbins Coaching” around 1999 as a new product line to add to his seminars, CDs and other product lines. We do not discuss any other portion of the Tony Robbins realm. We admire what Tony Robbins has done as a great showman to advise and inspire many people to improve themselves through his unique seminars and his many motivational products. He is very active in the human improvement field and he has many devoted followers. You are welcome to visit Tony Robbins Coaching to see for yourself.

Robbins “Free Coaching Strategy Session” discussion

The “Free Coaching Strategy Session” requires you to go through “Coaching Consultants” who are commissioned to sell you into the Robbins Coaching. It has been consistently reported that the Robbins “Coaching Consultants” apply considerable pressure to get you to sign a contract.

Tony Robbins Coaching Prices Are Confusing

Robbins coaching prices are rarely published, are tough to pin down, and vary dramatically. Apparently Robbins “Coaching Consultants” negotiate fees and terms based upon some unknown criteria. People have reported that Robbins Coaching Fees are normally sold in packages from 6 to 18 months, ranging from about $4,000 to over $15,000 based upon contract length, payment terms, and other conditions. We understand Robbins Coaching Fee Packages require advanced payment in full, and include Cancellation fees, labeled “liquidation damages” by RRI contract. We have also heard from numerous people that you can get your money back if you aggressively pursue a refund before you sign the contract or begin actual coaching.

Tony Robbins Coaching Contract is Very Important

All Tony Robbins Inc. clients must execute The Tony Robbins Coaching Contract, which protects Robbins Research International, Inc. (RRI) from “any warranties, promises, guarantees, or representations made by RRI or anyone acting or claiming to act on behalf of RRI” In other words, RRI is not required to fulfill any of the promises, claims, and/or guarantees “whether oral or written,” made by the Robbins “Coaching Consultants” (or any advertising materials) to entice you to sign the contract. The contract further states: “No sales representative of RRI has the authority to modify the terms of this Agreement.” The contract terms are normally for 6 months to 12 months but automatically extends it when it states: “Once all sessions are complete, or at the end of the 30-day grace period, whichever is sooner, if you do not sign up for an additional contract term, the Agreement automatically will revert to a month to month contract. At that time, on a month to month basis, you will be billed $595.00 per month, until such time that you notify us in writing that you no longer wish to continue this Agreement. Faxed notices are not acceptable.”

You Are Assigned to One Tony Robbins Coach

“When purchasing this program, you are not purchasing the services of an individual coach. The assigned coach may not be available to conduct any one or all sessions in which case another coach will be assigned. You are not entitled to a refund if the originally assigned coach is not available.” (Direct Quote from RRI contract) Robbins claims to have from 20 to 70 coaches. Robbins coach qualifications or standards are rarely published or understood, even after hearing from countless Robbins coaches. Switching Robbins coaches can be difficult, frequently requiring you to justify why you might be allowed to switch coaches. We have also been told that Robbins coaches are rated for how well they can keep their assigned clients and how well they can sell other Robbins products and services.

Robbins Coaching Information is Difficult to Get

Few details about The Robbins Coaching Program are published. The descriptions and facts presented on this page have been gathered from conversations with numerous former clients, prospective Robbins clients, over a dozen former Robbins coaches, online forums, reviews of the Tony Robbins Coaching website, Tony Robbins contracts, Attorneys representing Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI), and other sources.

The Information About Robbins Research Int’l, Inc. (RRI) is Provided Under Threat

Attorneys claiming to represent RRI sent a detailed letter scrutinizing our comparison and demanding that: “TCC immediately and permanently delete all statements and references to Mr. Robbins and RRI’s coaching program from the Website.” Furthermore his attorneys stated “You are hereby put on notice that should any client or potential client of RRI terminate its relationship with RRI or should any business associate, producer, vendor or other person or entity refuse to do business with RRI based upon the illegal and unethical conduct of TCC, my office will take immediate and decisive action against TCC to protect and enforce our client’s rights.” We made several changes to honor RRI’s position and to improve accuracy and clarity. We want to continue to be very careful and accurate to be sure we do not trigger such strong legal action. We strongly encourage anyone, (Including representatives of RRI) to advise us of anything presented here that might be inaccurate or misleading, so we can make appropriate adjustments.

Both RRI’s and TCC’s coaching programs work well

Neither TCC’ coaching program or RRI Coaching program is presented as being better or worse than the other. RRI’s Coaching program has been claimed to work well for many people, but not all. Likewise, TCC coaching works for many people but not everyone as well. We just want to present both programs side by side so you can make a much more informed decision of which coaching program might be better for you. We encourage your full scrutiny of both programs from your perspective.

Comparison of Tony Robbins Coaching with The Coach Connection

Purpose of Provider
The Coach Connection
To guarantee that TCC clients will achieve their coachable goals faster, easier, and more completely than elsewhere.
Tony Robbins Coaching
Sell as many coaching packages as possible.
Initial Contact
The Coach Connection
Free “Discovery Conversation” with a client Advocate, to discover your present situation, your real objectives and determine if you are best served with coaching. Commission free, pressure free, and obligation free.
Tony Robbins Coaching
“Free Coaching Strategy Session” to “Define your Vision, Set Challenging Goals, Create a Plan of action….And achieve Extraordinary Results” with “Coaching Consultants” who are commissioned to sell you into the Robbins Coaching.
Coach Qualifications
The Coach Connection
Coaches are admitted to the TCC pool only after extensive screening and evaluation – less than 7% of coaches are admitted from those who apply.
Tony Robbins Coaching
There are no published standards or qualification or screening of coaches.
The Coach Connection
None. TCC clients do not sign a contract with TCC or the TCC coaches.
Tony Robbins Coaching
Clients must sign a contract that commits clients to a minimum of 6 months and that protects Robbins from any representations made prior to signing the contract, to wit “absolves salespersons of any claims or promises made” and “absolves Robbins of advertising or prior representations”.
Fees and Guarantees
The Coach Connection
The fee for the initial coaching cycle is $389 and include a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Fees for subsequent cycles vary between $300 to $495 depending on the coach and number of sessions chosen by the client. TCC coach fees are openly published and explained beforehand.
Tony Robbins Coaching
Coaching packages vary dramatically from approximately $4,000 to over $15,000 for periods of 6 months to 18 months. No guarantees or promises of performance. Advanced payment in full required to get lowest rates. Cancellation fees required to cancel a coaching package, and clients are also charged an increased “monthly” rate for sessions completed. Refunds can be received, normally before contract signing or initiating coaching.
Confidentiality Protection
The Coach Connection
Complete confidentiality between the client and coach. Coaches are forbidden to reveal what transpires during coaching to anyone, including TCC personnel.
Tony Robbins Coaching
None. In fact, The Robbins contract states that coaching calls “may be monitored or recorded” for training and other purposes.
6 Essential Conditions for Success through Coaching
The Coach Connection
Deliberately establishes all 6 conditions before commencing any coaching activities.
Tony Robbins Coaching
Does not address the 6 conditions and appears to violate at least 3 of them: coachable goals, ideal coach, and confidentiality.
Client Success Rate
The Coach Connection
More than 96% of clients report they achieved or exceeded their goals.
Tony Robbins Coaching
Robbins does not appear to report coaching success rates.
Transparency of information
The Coach Connection
Presents comprehensive information on the website and in the Discovery Conversation.
Tony Robbins Coaching
Very little information online. Must rely on verbal promises and information from the commissioned sales persons – which is rendered useless by the contract.

DISCLAIMER: We have collected the information on this page with the intent to be as accurate as possible. If any mistakes exist, they are due only to human error and not a deliberate effort to spin the information. We welcome additional information or corrections so as to make this page be as accurate as possible. If you can provide such additional information or corrections, please contact us immediately so we can modify this page.