Career Change

Make The Career Change That Is Best For You!

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius.

Confucius was right, but he didn’t describe HOW to make the right career change to get the careers you love.
Unfortunately, people have struggled for centuries to figure out what careers they really love, and more importantly HOW to get them. So his wonderful statement has proved to be Too Good to Be True for most everyone. Until Recently-Read on…..

Discover and actually get the best career for you!

Making a successful career change can be lots of funYou can NOW “Choose” and “Get The Career You Love” much easier, much faster, at less cost and more completely than ever before. How? By changing the WAY you select your next career. People have been using the very common “Trial and Error” work selection process, which is based on chance and “Error.”

The new and very different career selection process, called “Career Coaching” has proven to virtually guarantee that you will be able to discover and finally obtain your ideally matched career to suit you. Stop guessing which career is right for you and then hope it is right. Also stop making numerous personal adjustments to FIT the career you got to suit the pressures from bosses, relatives, industry practices and culture. Instead, with career coaching you “Discover and Personally Custom Design” your “Ideal Career” to “Suit You.” And more importantly, your career coach will make sure you actually get the work position that is ideal for you, because that is his or her mission, and career coaching works much better that you think possible.

Making The Right Career Change For You Will Solve All of These Common Work Situations

 I’m stuck it a rut. I don’t like my job. (Like approximately 85% of US workers, as reported in numerous surveys) I’m stressed from having to perform well enough to remain employed. I cannot jeopardize loosing the income to support my lifestyle and family. Yet, my personal, family and emotional lives have suffered badly because they are tied to my stressful job. I don’t want to continue in this same life for another 20 to 30 years. I want off the rat race. I need to make a career change soon. I want to find the career path that is less stressful, has more flexibility, is more enjoyable and more prosperous for me. I have little confidence in making the right career choices   I don’t want to risk financial ruin by making the wrong career change at my stage in life. I want and need help to do it right this time, but whom do I turn to who can and will help me with utmost confidentiality?

I want to be my own boss. I’m tired of answering to the whims and demands of others. But I am good enough at my present job that it pays the bills.  Quitting to go on my own appears difficult and even scary. I have several ideas I want to pursue, and I want to benefit from my inner entrepreneurial spirit. But I do not know where to start or how to earn a living by being my own boss. I cannot afford nor do I want to go back to school, nor risking everything on the wrong business venture. Running a business excites and concerns me at the same time.  I want to make the right choices for me with the fewest damage causing mistakes. I don’t want to make this big career change alone.

I had a great career that I loved and did well in. It was my life, it was my identity, but it is no longer available to me.  For example-Professional athletes no longer able to play, Military Veterans, Law enforcement officers, pilots, air traffic controllers, teachers, executives, and/or fireman who are no longer able to perform. I only know one career, I’m older now, but I have a lot of life yet to experience.  I relied on the great support I received in my previous career. Like sports coaches and trainers, Military support systems and community, fellow policemen and firemen, etc. My career support systems are gone now. I am on my own for the first time in many years. I am forced to make a career change, but I’m lost and confused. I feel like I am starting over again.  I don’t know how to find my next career that will be as fun, and rewarding as my last so I have a new purpose in life that gets me excited.

I am a mother who wants to find a fulfilling career outside motherhood. My kids are growing up and need me less and less, and I want to do something that will bring me satisfaction, enjoyment and income. I feel lost and at a big disadvantage because I have not worked for years, and I am told I will need more formal education to get considered for jobs. I want to make the best career change adjustment that allows me to do what I love and supports my continued motherhood. The options appear to be endless, but in reality feel very restricted for me because of my limited work experience. I need and want help, but do not know where to turn or how to ask for it.

I have climbed the corporate latter into the management and/or executive levels, but the corporate leadership conditions have changed that will surely hamper, if not damage my ability to keep my position, let alone get promoted. (Corporate takeovers/mergers, New CEO, Restructuring, etc.) I need to make a career change to help me achieve my potentials by maximizing my experiences, talents and passions. I know there is more in me, but I am unsure what. Using executive search firms sounds great, but I do not know what new jobs to instruct them to seek for me. Since this career change is being pushed on me, I want to do it right, and get the best help I can to make this next career move really count.

I am a single mother who needs to work to support my family. I want to find the right career for me that I enjoy and do well in and that also allows me to continue being the good mother to my children that I want to be. I know this will become a juggling act and I want help to create a balance between a career I love and do well and being a mother for the same reasons.

I’m just starting my work career and I want to do it right for me by embarking on the career I will love and thrive in from the beginning. This is a huge career change for me from being a student for so many years, or part time worker to devoting myself full time to a career I will love. I’m highly motivated to do something to earn a living. But I am confused where to turn and HOW to enter the best career paths for me.

I have been unemployed and I have struggled to get a decent job. I sent out tons of resumes, scoured the job-hunting websites and networked till I am blue in the face.  I have skills. I have experience. But, I am older now and have felt less desirable than younger job seekers. I feel confused, frustrated, I have lost my mojo, and I am concerned that I will be relegated to this job-searching nightmare. I want to work. I need to work. I do not want to get so desperate that I feel forced to take any job I can get.  Instead, I want help to make the best career change to get a new work position or career that will be really fun and prosperous for me.

If you are in a similar situation, Welcome to The Human Race!

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not damaged. You are not dumb or incapable. You are NOT a failure. Instead, you undoubtedly used the same “Trial and Error” work selection processes that almost assured that you and others would NOT and will NOT connect with your ideally suited careers. In other words you and millions like you have ended up or most likely will end up in these bad work situations because of the methods you used to pick your jobs, careers and work positions. For example, if you used a dirty set of socket wrenches in an auto garage to conduct open-heart surgery, the methods and tools would predetermine the bad outcome of the surgery. The prospect of using the same “Trial and Error“ work selection process for your next career change has to be confusing and daunting.

“The reaction I get from friends and family when I tell them about my “new life” is amazing. They can hardly believe that someone can like (make that, LOVE) going to work everyday… but I do! (I actually wished I could work over the weekend!) My “Dream Job” is working for one of the top kitchen design firms in the area.

I highly recommend the services TCC for people who just aren’t satisfied with their current career. Looking back, I find that in my former career I wasn’t satisfied and it showed in my work, in my life and in my personality. I’m much more effective, efficient, and happy now that I’m where I want to be. In just a few short months I recognized where I wanted to be, made a plan to get there… and GOT there!

TCC was a great resource for me. It was great having TCC narrow down the coaches that might best serve me… and I was able to find my perfect coach in just a couple of days. Mary Beth and I clicked immediately. She made me feel totally confident and ready to conquer the world. Within 2 months my life has completely changed. And it keeps getting better day by day..” Beth Ferrer – Los Angeles, Calif.

Get The Career You Love With Career Coaching

The new Career Coaching process that arrived on the scene in about 1992 virtually guarantees that you will make the best career change for you, so you will not only discover, but also get the career you truly love. Your TCC Member Career will assist you to discover, custom build in detail and actually get it your own unique ideal income positions where you will be able to Go To Play Every Day and get to call it work, and prove that Confucius was right.  You will finally be able to enjoy and thrive in your genuine “Dream Career” to do what you love with you TCC Member Career Coach.

Career Coaching Works Extremely Well, When Done Right

The career coaching process is very practical and results driven. The reason you hire a career coach is to actually discover, design and get your ideally matched career. The job of your career coach is to make darn sure you do. Career coaching is about Completion! Only you, the client, decide that you have changed into your best-matched career, and you both know it. Once you the client are performing in your custom designed dream career, the job of your career coach is done. But like any other human improvement process, career coaching only works when performed as it was designed.

TCC Clients Make Career Changes They Love

Since 2001 over 96% of TCC’s clients have reported that they have actually changed into their ideally matched careers, as compared to the industry average of less than 38%. TCC Member Career Coaches have assisted thousands of people from all walks of life in over 26 countries to discover, create and obtain their ideal careers. That’s right, TCC has mastered the new very practical and effective career coaching process to assist our clients to transition from bad work situations into the careers they love faster, easier and more completely than they ever thought possible.  Learn about the details of HOW and WHY Career Coaching is so practical and so successful in Bill’s book entitled “Go To Play Every Day and call it work.” Read numerous case studies of how many people, including Bill, transitioned into and kept their ideal careers on their own terms and thrived because of it.

Think TCC’s Success Claims Sound Too Good To Be True?

We are so confident you will change into your dream career through TCC career coaching that we offer our exclusive Money-Back Guarantee to put our money on the line to back up our claims. TCC guarantees that career coaching will be done RIGHT for you every time.  TCC’s sole Mission is that all of our clients will get their ideal careers TCC provides the ONLY Full Money Back Guarantee that all of the 6 Essential Conditions to Successful Coaching are met to suit you.