Setting Achievable New Years Resolutions-Reprint 2015

Setting Achievable New Years Resolutions By Embracing The Future

By popular demand we are reprinting an edited version of our New Years Resolution blog.
We hope you enjoy it.

This is the time of year where many people create their list of New Years Resolutions. Yet, how many of your resolutions in 2014 did you achieve? Studies have shown that the average person abandons his or her resolutions within 6 weeks. Setting new years resolutions can be fun, and you will greatly improve your chances of actually accomplishing them if you follow the steps outlined below.

A Journey Without A Destination Becomes An Aimless Wandering

1. Decide first what your most desirable destinations will be for you throughout the year. Include places you want to reach in your career, in your personal life and/or in your family life. For example, you might want to become a more successful and productive leader, you might want to improve your tennis game, or you might want to improve your bonds and relationship with your spouse and/or children, or you might want to improve the value and livability of your home. Normally you might set 1 to about 3 Life Destinations, and they will be long range in nature. But you can always change them or add to them at will.

2. Set Destinations that mean the most to YOU, and will provide YOU immense rewards when completed. Set destinations that give YOU great pleasure and provide YOU wonderful benefits. Do not set destinations because you should or to meet the goals of someone else. Make them YOUR own destinations that have clear purposes for completing them that provide you strong personal rewards. You want to be genuinely passionate about reaching your destinations. For example, you will want to deeply passionate about becoming the leader you always wanted to be, or to achieve the level of tennis your really want, because you enjoy playing tennis so much.

3. Set goals that help advance you towards your desired destinations. These can be your New Years Resolutions if you want. For example setting the goal of achieving a weight between 158 and 165 pounds because this is your ideal weight range to be able to play tennis at your best. You set these goals BECAUSE they achieve intermediate steps along your purposeful life journey towards your most desirable destinations. The clear reasons you have to achieve your chosen weight ranges will provide the strong and continuous motivation to actually reach your intermediate goals. That way when you are alone with a luscious piece of cake (loaded with calories) you will consider the reason you want to reach the 158 pound target, because you want to enjoy your passion for tennis, as more important than the brief pleasure the cake will bring, and you will gladly avoid eating even a bite.

4. Turn your Resolutions into positive-only future goals. Set goals that have a clear point of accomplishment, so you will know when they have been achieved. For example, set the goal of reducing your weight to 158 pounds, as opposed to just losing weight. Or set a goal to have the outside of your home painted to improve its appearance and protect it from the elements.

5. Commit yourself to achieving your goals. If you are not committed to achieving a goal, either change it or drop it. If a goal is not important enough to you to attract your full commitment, it is not worth your bother. Changing the goal to gain your full commitment is much better for you. Dropping a goal because you are not committed is not a failure or a cause to be disappointed. It is a very practical and responsible thing to do. You will release more energy and time to accomplish the more important goals for which you ARE committed to completing. As an example you may decide that dropping your weight to 165 pounds gets you into the right playing shape to excel at tennis, and adjusting your goal accordingly will be the smart thing to do. This way you fulfilled your real destination to improve your tennis.

6. Separate the goals into two groups, Internal and External

Internal Goals includes goals that require you to improve and grow as a person to achieve them. They require you to focus internally on you to become far more self aware of your passions, priorities, talents, integrity and dislikes. Lowering your weight level of 158 pounds, or to become the leader you have always wanted to be are the goals that will be much easier to achieve than you think, once you have discovered your true inner motivations and inner limiting conditions. You will grow exponentially as you discover your own true passions and priorities, your own integrity points, your own hidden talents and the things you dislike doing. As an example, once you discover how passionate you are about improving your tennis game your strength of purpose to drop your weight will drive you to achieve that goal. Or once you discover how much you want to regain your health and enjoy your family and your personal hobbies (like tennis), you will be able to create new conditions that will allow you to fulfill your goals. Goals achieved!

External Goals includes goals that do not require you to improve or grow as a person to achieve them. These are externally completed activities. Some examples would be to improve your serve, or have your house painted. With these goals, you engage others to perform the activities for you, and involve information that is external to you. For example you might want to hire a tennis pro to teach you how to improve your serve, but of course you will want to practice your newly learned serve on your own to get it right for you. Or you might engage a painter to paint your house, so you will save the money needed to have some one else complete this goal for you.

7. Connect with someone you trust to assist you to complete your Internal Goals. Growing and improving as a person is not a self-help process. Although the huge “Self-Help” industry would claim otherwise. You will need assistance. Unraveling the mystery of you requires you to connect with someone, who is trained, experienced and dedicated to assisting you to discover and reveal you to you, with total objectively, without any manipulation and with complete confidentiality. You will want this person to be your partner, to care enough about you to be very honest and trustworthy, to keep you accountable, and to assist you to accomplish your Internal Goals. One of the best sources for connecting with the right person to assist you to accomplish your Internal Goals is to find your ideal life coach.

8. Consider getting experts to accomplish your External Goals. Since you are not required to change or improve as a person to accomplish these goals, you can have experts accomplish them for you, and they will probably complete them better than you would. Picking the right people and conditions of achieving these goals will be your focus, and once done, goals achieved! For example to have the house painted, consider hiring an expert house painter to paint it for you.

9. Personally celebrate the achievement of each goal. Rejoice with someone who cares about you and who understands the importance of each goal. Do so immediately when the goal has been completed. For example, celebrate reaching 158 pounds or your final chosen weight, with someone who understands what it meant to you. Celebrate the painting of your house, even though it was done by your expert house painter.

10. Add new goals to your list. You will want to add new goals (resolutions) as you complete old ones, or you will want to adjust the ones you have to meet new circumstances. You will achieve your goals much faster and more completely as you get into the hang of the above steps. It is critical that you create newer, more important and more valuable goals on a continuous basis. By creating new and more valuable and more exciting goals you continue your successful life journey towards your chosen destinations in your life to give it meaning, purpose, and fun. You will be celebrating your feelings of accomplishment, your successes, more frequently and these successes will create the culture and attitude of more successes. Do not wait until the beginning of each year to plot and achieve your most important achievements? Make goal settings and achievements a year round successful and enjoyable process.

Have fun with your New Years Resolutions and enjoy the rewards of actually achieving them.

TCC Supports Madisen’s Match Tennis Event

Madisen’s Match- A great tennis experience for a wonderful cause

Duane Chaney, a friend of mine and past TCC client started a wonderful charity tennis event in 2009 to raise money to help his niece, Madisen to recover from inoperable brain tumor. She was only 3 years old at the time. He enlisted the help of 4 remarkable professional tennis players, Michael Pernfors, Murphy Jensen, Tom Gullikson, and Cliff Drysdale to launch the first event in 2005. They were fantastic! They generously contributed their time, their energies and their souls to create a fun learning experience for all attendees.

Madisen’s Match has grown to become the premier tennis event in the Fort Myers area, and Duane has raised over $150,000 to buy special equipment and for treatment programs to help children like Madisen survive and thrive. AND Madisen is alive and doing well having recovered remarkably. What a great story.

Madisen’s Match from Duane chaney on Vimeo.

I have attended every event except one when I was called away to New Zealand for another special event, and this year’s event promises to be even better than the others. The next Madisen’s Match will be held on March 28, and March 29 at The Landings Yacht, Golf, and Tennis Club in Fort Myers, Florida. I encourage you to watch the short promotional video imbedded in this blog to learn more about this event.

As an attendee I get to play with, play against, learn from, and visit with these star-studded players: Murphy Jensen, Luke Jensen, Tom Gullikson, Michael Pernfors, Don Johnson, Jared Palmer and more. All of these players have won too many tennis tournaments, including a number of the Majors to list here. They proved they are the best in the world, and they still play excellent tennis. They also proved a commitment to share their successes, tips and teaching opportunities to help everyone who shows up. They are true givers. I always leave with more understanding of how to improve my tennis, and far more respect for the superb quality of tennis they play that too often looks much easier on TV. They make playing and learning tennis a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

I am really looking forward to attending this year and I encourage anyone who can to join in. Even if you do not play tennis, watching their exhibition matches will be well worth it. They put on a great entertaining show. See you on March 28!