Setting Achievable New Years Resolutions-Reprint 2015

Setting Achievable New Years Resolutions By Embracing The Future By popular demand we are reprinting an edited version of our New Years Resolution blog. We hope you enjoy it. This is the time of year where many people create their list of New Years Resolutions. Yet, how many of your resolutions in 2014 did you achieve? Studies have shown that the average person abandons … [Read more...]

TCC Supports Madisen’s Match Tennis Event

Madisen's Match- A great tennis experience for a wonderful cause Duane Chaney, a friend of mine and past TCC client started a wonderful charity tennis event in 2009 to raise money to help his niece, Madisen to recover from inoperable brain tumor. She was only 3 years old at the time. He enlisted the help of 4 remarkable professional tennis players, Michael Pernfors, Murphy … [Read more...]

How Life Coaching Works – Life Coaching Is Based On Physics


Life Coaching Works Very Differently Than anything Else. Life coaching is very sound because it is based on solid physics. Humans cannot see their own faces because of the physical location of their eyes. The only way humans can see their face is to look into a mirror. But what is a mirror? A mirror provides a real time reflection of an outside view looking back at the … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning-What next?

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning was released by the Indianapolis Colts after being their starting quarterback since 1998. Peyton’s injured neck prevented him from playing during all of his last season with Indianapolis. Peyton chose to risk it all and signed with the Denver Broncos, where he just finished a remarkable season, setting all sorts of records and taking Denver to the Super Bowl. But … [Read more...]

Creating The Right Attitude Is A Product Of Life Coaching


Having the right attitude assists people to become more successful The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette confirms the importance of  creating the best attitude. In the article entitled “The Anti-Antagonist: Conflict and Attitude” the author  states that “So often, when we can be clear about our intent, we can be more decisive about our words and our actions. We’re not so thoughtless as … [Read more...]