TCC Supports Madisen’s Match Tennis Event

Madisen’s Match- A great tennis experience for a wonderful cause

Duane Chaney, a friend of mine and past TCC client started a wonderful charity tennis event in 2009 to raise money to help his niece, Madisen to recover from inoperable brain tumor. She was only 3 years old at the time. He enlisted the help of 4 remarkable professional tennis players, Michael Pernfors, Murphy Jensen, Tom Gullikson, and Cliff Drysdale to launch the first event in 2005. They were fantastic! They generously contributed their time, their energies and their souls to create a fun learning experience for all attendees.

Madisen’s Match has grown to become the premier tennis event in the Fort Myers area, and Duane has raised over $150,000 to buy special equipment and for treatment programs to help children like Madisen survive and thrive. AND Madisen is alive and doing well having recovered remarkably. What a great story.

Madisen’s Match from Duane chaney on Vimeo.

I have attended every event except one when I was called away to New Zealand for another special event, and this year’s event promises to be even better than the others. The next Madisen’s Match will be held on March 28, and March 29 at The Landings Yacht, Golf, and Tennis Club in Fort Myers, Florida. I encourage you to watch the short promotional video imbedded in this blog to learn more about this event.

As an attendee I get to play with, play against, learn from, and visit with these star-studded players: Murphy Jensen, Luke Jensen, Tom Gullikson, Michael Pernfors, Don Johnson, Jared Palmer and more. All of these players have won too many tennis tournaments, including a number of the Majors to list here. They proved they are the best in the world, and they still play excellent tennis. They also proved a commitment to share their successes, tips and teaching opportunities to help everyone who shows up. They are true givers. I always leave with more understanding of how to improve my tennis, and far more respect for the superb quality of tennis they play that too often looks much easier on TV. They make playing and learning tennis a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

I am really looking forward to attending this year and I encourage anyone who can to join in. Even if you do not play tennis, watching their exhibition matches will be well worth it. They put on a great entertaining show. See you on March 28!

How Life Coaching Works – Life Coaching Is Based On Physics

Life Coaching Works Very Differently Than anything Else.

Life coaching is very sound because it is based on solid physics. Humans cannot see their own faces because of the physical location of their eyes.
The only way humans can see their face is to look into a mirror. But what is a mirror? A mirror provides a real time reflection of an outside view looking back at the person (You). A mirror shows a reflection of the TRUTH. Ok, so right looks left and left looks right but everyone knows that and compensates for this consistent fact. Most mirrors, unless at carnivals, do not distort or change any part of the reflection. And, mirrors do not comment or judge the reflections they give. They just reflect what is there, without distortion, and without judgment.

Your life coach will provide you a real time reflection of you!
Your life coach will get you to open up and reveal the core ingredients of what motivates and governs your every decision. Your life coach will then reflect the core ingredients you divulged back to you in the same objective clear truthful manner as a mirror.  Your life coach will help you unravel the mystery of you, without judgment.

Most People Are Unaware Of What Really Drives And Restricts Them

People are governed by their passions, their self imposed obstacles (the things they do not want to do) their beliefs and values, their talents, and their priorities.
Yet, much to the surprise of almost everyone, these five core ingredients are rarely seen or known by virtually every human. Very few people really know much about these very important inner ingredients. But, most people THINK they do know and understand these factors, when in truth they only know a small percentage. Unfortunately, most people too often believe the misguided characterizations of their core ingredients they are told by others as they grow up. They become confused about who they really are and what really drives them.

People will see themselves for the first time by engaging a life coach.
They will discover the real objective truths about themselves. They will discover the deep secrets about themselves, in more detail than they can imagine, so they get to see and understand themselves with clarity. A coach-mirror reflects what in actually there within the client, so the client gets a full picture of an inventory of themselves. A coach-mirror does NOT judge or evaluate the facts so a coach-mirror will not discuss strengths and weaknesses (they require judgement) and will not discuss trends that require comparisons to others. People who are coached become “The World’s Leading Expert On Themselves.” And when people become the experts on themselves they have the true power and clarity to take control of their own lives.