About Us

The Mission of The Coach Connection Is:

Our clients will achieve their coachable goals more completely, faster and at lower cost than anywhere else in the world. We succeed only when YOU (our client) succeed by achieving your life business and career improving coachable goals, realizing your dreams and improving your life on your terms.

TCC’s Clients Success Rates At Achieving Their Chosen Coachable Goals

TCC has assisted over 2,450 clients in 26 countries since 2001 to achieve their chosen coachable goals at an average success rate of over 96.5%. Our purpose is to create the best fit for our clients to get the absolute most of of the remarkable coaching process. We do this by making sure all 6 of the key conditions to successful coaching are met for all of our clients. We provide a full Money-Back Guaranteed Initial Cycle so our clients can test drive TCC coaching with no risk, to see for themselves.

TCC’s Active Member Coaches,

TCC’s approximately 105 Member Coaches have been rigorously screened out of over 3,450 coaches. TCC’s exclusive group of Member Coaches consists of the largest concentration of the highest quality “coaches” in the English-speaking world. Do we have all of the All Star Coaches? No. They have not all applied yet. Discover the exceptional life coaching qualifications all TCC Member Coaches must have, and how TCC attracts, maintains and keeps such outstanding very experienced coaches on our team. Our Member Coaches are located in 7 countries and over 41 States in the US.

The Story of TCC And Our Co-Founder: Bill Dueease

Bill created TCC through being coached to achieve his goal Go To Play Every Day and get to call it work. Bill and TCC are direct products of the personal coaching process TCC provides to TCC clients. Bill’s personal mission is to make sure anyone who engages a life coach will gain the maximum rewards and benefits from coaching like he did. But NOT suffer the path he bounced through to get there. Bill went through 28 coaches in over 6 months before he found the right coach under the right conditions for him. He created TCC so our special clients could get their best coach under the right conditions the first time out.

Bill had been a successful business coach for over 2 years. He conducted more than 850 paid coaching hours with business owner clients who generated over $2,000,000 in additional profits as a direct result of Bill’s coaching. His clients also significantly reduced their business related stress and the number of hours spent directly involved in their businesses.

But in late 2000 Bill found himself in the same confused and frustrating position he had been in for the past 17 years. He was lost and directionless, even though he had also worked as a business broker, ski area developer, commodities trader, director/owner in a successful Initial Stock Offering, real estate developer, petroleum distribution trader, sales trainer, business consultant, and independent investor during this time. Along the way he experienced a lot, learned even more, and helped a lot of others improve themselves. But had not taken care of himself. He had been struggling to figure out what he was really passionate about and good enough to do to build a career around. He decided to get a life coach to help him out of his confusion.

Bill thought getting the right coach would be easy and quick. Bill was wrong. Bill was really connected in the coaching community. As the membership development chairman of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Bill had direct contact with all 3,000 ICF member coaches. He could easily pick from the apparent cream de cream of ICF coaches. Yet it took six months and 28 coaches for Bill to finally find his ideal coach. Thom Politico, who had been personally coached by Thomas Leonard, was a Leonard protégé, and had worked with him for years training other coaches. Bill picked Thom because he was the first and only coach to insist that Bill have a “coachable goal” before coaching.

Thom and Bill determined that his coachable goal was to discover and get his true “ideal income position.” Thom Politico reflected to Bill 5 minutes into their first coaching session that his real passion was to be a business owner, not coach, or consult, or train them. This revelation explained to Bill why he had felt so lost and confused and clarified his true purpose. Bill was thrilled to finally discover what he had been trying to figure out the previous 17 years on his own.

Together Bill and Thom designed and developed The Coach Connection (TCC) for the sole purpose of making sure all TCC clients would be able to achieve their coachable goals with just one call to TCC, and not suffer through the trials that Bill did. Bill and Thom discovered, designed and developed his true “ideal income position” to be the owner and operator of TCC, which he has been doing ever since. Another revelation Bill learned through being coached, was that he no longer wanted to practice coaching. So in designing TCC he and Thom chose to surround themselves with the best coaches they could find who do all of the coaching, because they are much better than Bill.

Bill and Thom became partners and launched The Coach Connection on June 1, 2001 to provide the one stop place for people to achieve all of their coachable goals faster, easier, less expensively, and more completely than anywhere else. Thom opted out of his partnership role in TCC due to health and personal reasons after two years.

Bill and Thom defined the 6 key conditions to achieving success through life coaching and made them the cornerstone for every TCC client. By continuing the true coaching process designed by Leonard and couching it within the six key conditions of successful coaching TCC clients have achieved their coachable goals at an average success rate of about 96%, because doing so is the total focus of TCC.

Bill’s speaking successes, published articles and best seller e-book

Bill’s publications about starting and operating a business, about career transitioning, about many aspects of life coaching, and about ADD/ADHD have been published in over 100 printed magazines and countless web sites.

Bill also published his Amazon Best-Seller e-book entitled “Go To Play Every Day and call it work” where he describes the details of why and how the career coaching process has assisted thousands of TCC clients and himself to discover and get their own “Ideal Income” positions so they and Bill get to go to play every day and call it work. Bill is enjoying the product of the same career coaching he organizes for others.

Bill’s speaking engagements about a number of topics that have motivated many people to take control of their careers, their businesses, their lives, and their ADD so they too can enjoy and prosper at what they want to do. Bill has a special place for Veterans, because he understands the special issues regarding transitioning from active military to the civilian world, having done so himself.

Bill’s weekly Internet based radio show has been broadcasting for over 1.5 years and has featured and will continue to feature remarkable guests who reveal their secrets and their personal stories about how they to “go to play every day and call it work.”