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Achieve your personal & career goals faster, & more completely
with TCC’s Affordable Life Coaching!

You Came to the Right Place To:

• Improve Your Career, Your Personal Life, & Your Relationships AND Enjoy and Prosper in All Three
• Benefit from TCC’s Very Affordable Life Coaching Prices
• Benefit from TCC’s NO RISK Money-Back Guarantee Period

In Fact: Our Sole Mission is that you will accomplish your dream goals, called Coachable Goals quicker, better, and with less cost than you can imagine. Our over 3,000 clients since 2001 have achieved their remarkable goals at an average success rate of over 96.5% versus the estimated industry average of about 25%.

We Guarantee You That:

• You will find your ideally matched life coach, career coach, business coach, or other types of personal coaches for you!
• You will be choosing the right life coach for you from the most successful and experienced coaches in the English speaking world
• You will maximize your benefits of having a life coach by providing coaching to you under the best conditions for you!


FREE Discovery Conversation

Enjoy Our Powerful Strategy Consultation to:

•Clarify Your Situation

•Set Your Life & Career Dream Goals

•Follow The Best Path to Achieve Your Goals

All Conversations are sales Free, obligation Free, cost Free and very Confidential

OR by SKYPE at coachconnection or Complete our SECURE online INFORMATION FORM and we call you!

“The best present you can give yourself if you truly want to change your life for the better is to contact the Coach Connection and get “connected” with one of their dynamic coaches”

Stefan Pagacik,
 Principal – Inner Harbor; Manomet, Mass

Some Additional Benefits of Using a TCC Life Coach:

You will achieve Life Balance
You will eliminate procrastination and the stresses and guilt that go with it
You will get to do what you love as a career so you can say “I love what I do”
You will reduce or eliminate negative stress at work
You will become a better person

Whom do we help and what will you accomplish?

Young Adults Over 21 Years Old, who are confused about how to start your best suited careers and personal lives. (Most often recent college graduates) We help you to discover and start your most desirable careers and life conditions that you will enjoy and prosper in. To create your “Ideal Income Positions” so you do what you love and get well rewarded for doing so.

Professional Athletes, Military Veterans, and Law Enforcement Officers who have been forced out of careers that they really enjoyed and prospered in who are frustrated about where to go next.. We help you make the best career change for you so you will enjoy and thrive in your new careers without missing a beat.

Middle Aged Adults From 35 to 59 (Mid-Life Crossroads) who want to break out of their stress filled, and unhappy work and life ruts because you cannot stand extending your same lives. We will help you cease procrastination. We help you achieve real happiness and fulfillment with a much more exciting and bright future.

Empty Nest Mothers who feel lost about what to do next because their kids are out of the house, either in school or have grown up and left.. We help you to discover and develop new careers that provide happiness, additional sources of satisfaction, pride and income, without interfering with being a mother and or a wife.

Business Owners at any stage who want their businesses to really thrive. We help you become the very successful and productive business owners you want to be, whether by starting your ideal businesses or by increasing the profits of your present businesses, with less effort and less stress.

Executives, Managers, and Leaders who want to reach their next levels. We help you become far more successful and productive leaders so you will be promoted into higher levels.

Baby Boomers from 59 On who are facing retirement or have retired and feel discouraged about what to do with their lives now. We help you discover and create your ideal retirements that allow you to enjoy and thrive in your personally designed dream lives you worked so long and hard to get.

“Knowing more about who I truly am and learning to listen to myself gives me the courage to try things I never thought were quite a fit for me before. I needed to truly know it was OK to do the things I wanted to do.”

Lisa Echerd

How do You generate such remarkable results through TCC?

If all of the above sounds too good to be true, then read on to learn how and why our clients achieve such remarkable goals over 96.5% of the time.

First we listen to You in our obligation free, cost free, sales free, and very confidential “Discovery Conversation” to get clarity about your real goals. So you can pick the best matched method to achieve your objectives from all of the 10 major Human Improvement Processes. This revealing and very productive conversation that will jump start your path to improvement, regardless of which path you select. We have fun! So will you. Why not! We want you to enjoy yourself as you talk about You! And since there is no pressure on either you or us, we can focus totally on you and your objectives, which we love to do.

We virtually guarantee that you WILL achieve your coachable goals to improve your life on your terms, if you choose to achieve your human improvement goals by engaging a life coach, a career coach, a business coach, a leadership coach, or a retirement coach,

We guarantee that you will enjoy life coaching under the best environment for you by making sure that all of the 6 Key Conditions to Successful Coaching are met for YOU. Coaching, like any other Human Improvement Process only works very well when conducted under the right conditions for that Process. We Guarantee that 4 of these Conditions will be met for you. You bring the other 2.

1. YOU, our client are the Queen or King of the entire process. It’s Good to be the King or Queen!

2. We Guarantee that you will find and select your ideally matched life coach, or we return your money.

3. We Guarantee that the coaches you select from will be the Best of The Best Coaches in the English-speaking world, or we return your money

4. Everything you tell us will be kept in the strictest confidence.Your TCC Member Coaches will not reveal anything you say to them to anyone else.

Why Using a Life Coach Through TCC Works So Well

We have coached over 3,000 people since 2001 in about 26 countries to improve themselves by achieving their personally designed goals at an average success rate of over 96.5%. The estimated success rates of all coaching is only about 25%. Our clients are so successful because our sole mission is that all of our clients will achieve their own improvement goals, and we only win when YOU our client wins.

We are so confident that you will win that we offer an exclusive full Money-Back Guaranteed Initial Cycle of Coaching, where you receive a minimum of 6 coaching sessions for only $389.00 and you can receive a refund after conducting all 6 sessions. This way your can test drive 3 or more coaches so choosing the right life coach for you will be a smooth and fun process.

We are also so confident that you will achieve your goals so well through TCC that we offer side by side FACTUAL Comparisons to other popular ways to engage a life coach, career coach, business coach, leadership coach and other types of personal coaching. We invite you to review these comparisons so you can select the best way to engage your life coach for you. They have been and are continuously scrutinized by others, to include the lawyers for Tony Robbins.

Our approximately 105 Member Coaches are World Class Professional Coaches with excellent experience, because we designed our system to attract and keep the Best Coaches. Less than 6% of over 3,550 coaches have passed our rigorous screening process to prove they are good enough to meet our highest coaching standards. TCC Member Coaches are located in many countries, have over 10 years actual full time professional coaching experience, have exceptional success rates with their clients, have the “natural gift of coaching” and must constantly meet our highest standards, or we part ways.

You can switch life coaches at anytime you want, without missing a beat. If you decide switching life coaches is best for you we will do so immediately after you tell us, even in the middle of a cycle, if needed.

You will achieve all of your coachable goals through your TCC Member Coach, most likely at the same time. You do not have to get different specialty coaches for different goals.

You get to have short, between session calls with you TCC coach and unlimited e-mail support at no extra cost

There are NO CONTRACTS to lock you up, forcing you to pay for life coaching you don’t want. TCC must be so effective every month at taking you towards your goals, at your pace and on your agenda that you will want to continue coaching the next month.

Once you achieve your goals, based upon YOUR DECISION, frequently faster and more completely than you would think, you can easily discontinue coaching.


The Benefits of Using the Right Life Coach ARE Extremely Valuable, even Priceless,
but the exorbitant fees charged elsewhere are just not right

Why Are Life Coaching Fees Generally So Expensive?

1. The Life Coaching Industry purposely sets very high, and frequently excessive fees to perpetrate the MYTH that these coaches MUST be worth these high prices BECAUSE they charge more.

2 A vast majority of people who call themselves Life Coaches NEED to charge excessive prices to:

  • a. Justify the high cost of unnecessary training, certifications and Association Dues they paid, and must continue paying.
  • b. Cover the costly advertising, marketing and sales expenses they endure individually.
  • c. Cover basic expenses by charging a lot for the few clients they have. Over 72% of coaches have less than 10 clients all year (Stephen Fairley)
  • d. Lock up clients with controlling contracts for lengthy coaching periods at high fees, because they are either inexperienced or weak coaches or both.
  • e. Follow instructions and Industry practices to charge by the hour, like lawyers, becoming clock-watchers, instead of client focused coaches.
  • f. Unfortunately, too many feel Entitled to higher fees, because of their ego, pride, and need to take credit for the incredible outcomes clients might achieve.

“The quality of coaching you receive and the quality and quantity of goals you achieve through coaching are NOT PRICE SENSITIVE.” A TRUE STATEMENT that the Life Coaching Industry does NOT want you to hear, which we WANT you to know. Thus, you do NOT have to pay excessive fees to get high quality life coaching.

How and Why Do TCC’s World Class Experienced Coaches Offer Such Affordable Life Coaching Prices?

Resulting in TCC’s Coaching Prices Being About 40% Below The Life Coaching Industry Average

1. TCC Coaches give you a big discount by bundling their coaching into small packages. You are NOT charged by the hour.
2. TCC and our Coaches keep our costs down. There are NO SALES COSTS. WHY? No Salespeople! Marketing costs are spread among 105 coaches, and there are no employee costs.
3. TCC’s experienced coaches prefer to reimburse TCC our much lower rates only for the clients TCC connects them with than to spend far more money on their own to handle all of their marketing, advertising and prescreening of clients, in the hope of getting clients.
4. TCC only keeps a minor flat “X” amount from successfully completed cycles, regardless of the fees, and the coaches get all of the rest. No commissions! The Member Coaches keep a vast majority of their fees, because they deserve to. Thus, TCC has NO INCENTIVE to direct you to higher priced coaches.
5. TCC does NOT charge the coaches any other dues or other fees, or exert any pressure on the coaches to make any sales. TCC Member Coaches do what they truly love and what they do best; Just Coach YOU, their ideally matched clients.
6 TCC Member Coaches do NOT have to charge high fees, because they have established thriving practices, with numerous clients to generate considerable income. TCC Member Coaches are doing so well, they can concentrate on what matters most, coaching YOU; their personally matched TCC client to achieve great successes.

Give Someone You Care About The “Gift of Coaching”

Through TCC’s Special Gift Program! Give the wonders of coaching to someone you love, whom you believe will greatly benefit from coaching. But empowers your lucky recipient to decide for herself or himself whether coaching is right after discovering everything about coaching in an obligation free environment. If your lucky loved one chooses not to participate with coaching, you receive your money back and you also receive the gratitude from your loved one for showing how much you care. If your lucky recipient chooses to participate in coaching, he or she will experience remarkable life changes, and will be even more grateful to you for caring.


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