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  • How life coaching compares to consulting, therapy, mentoring, and all of the other 9 major human improvement processes
  • The reasons you want to hire a life coach and the reasons not to hire a life coach
  • The realistic benefits and rewards you get from being coached
  • The differences between life coaching, career coaching, business coaching, ADD/ADHD coaching, and other types of life coaching
  • What your life coach will do and what your life coach will not do
  • How it feels to be coached
  • How to find the right life coach for you to virtually guarantee that you will turn your dreams into reality
  • How to get the best coaching at the lowest costs and how to avoid over paying coaching fees
  • How to determine the actual Return On Investment (ROI) for investing in coaching

Choosing the right life coach is easy. Call The Coach Connection

Because The Coach Connection:

  • Guarantees that you will select your ideal life coach, or we will refund your money
  • Offers our obligation free Discovery Conversation to learn all of the above before you decide to spend any money or make any commitments
  • Provides the best of the best coaches-less than 6% pass our rigorous screening process to qualify as a TCC Member Coach
  • Provides our Money-Back Guaranteed Initial Period to test drive 3 or more coaches and conduct 3 sessions with your coach at NO RISK
  • Clients achieve their remarkable coachable goals much faster, more completely, and at less cost
  • Virtually Guarantees that you will achieve your coachable goals at a success rate of over 96% (Industry average is about 38%) by making sure all 6 essential conditions for success through life coaching are met.

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