Take control of your life and your career on your own terms, so you will:

•Get the work positions you love and you will thrive in. Reduce and eliminate the stresses and frustrations of doing something you really dislike. Yes, you will finally figure out what you want to do when you grow up and then actually do it.

•Start and/or run a business so you become a very successful and productive business owner. Do it right the first time to fulfill your dream of running your own show. Gain your own secret partner who is dedicated to your personal and business successes

•Become a far more successful and productive manager, executive, and/or leader to reach the next levels in your career. Reach your potential to be recognized by others so you will get promoted to higher positions.

•Achieve work-life balance so you enjoy and thrive in your work life, your personal life and your family life without guilt, without stress, and without frustrations.

Transition from exciting, glamorous and prosperous careers like being a professional athlete, Military Veteran, or Law Enforcement officer into your next enjoyable, meaningful and successful career. Convert your pride and focused energies that you used to succeed before into your new life purposes where you design your new career life on your terms and are well rewarded for doing so.

Convert your part time job into a full time life. Had your full time job reduced to part time? No worries! Use the new found downtime to create the best working position for you, while still getting paid.

•Turn your ADD into the blessing it really is. Recognize and use your special ADD powers, and overcome the overemphasized drawbacks to enjoy your ADD.

•Achieve other “Coachable Goals.” That you will design yourself, like so many other TCC clients have done before you.

You’ve come to the right place. Call Us to Learn WHY?

Call 800-887-7214 (Toll Free US and Canada) 239-415-177 from anywhere in the world Or by SKYPE at coachconnection. (Learn a lot, have some fun, and enjoy a sales free, obligation free, cost free, and very confidential experience)

“The best present you can give yourself if you truly want to change your life for the better is to contact the Coach Connection and get “connected” with one of their dynamic coaches”

Stefan Pagacik,
 Principal – Inner Harbor; Manomet, Mass

Or Read On to Learn WHY

Our Mission is that you will achieve all of the above coachable goals and more faster, more completely and at less coast than anywhere else. Since 2001, approximately 96.5% of TCC’s thousands of clients (located in over 26 countries worldwide) have achieved their own coachable goals. (Compared to an Industry average of approximately 31%) TCC clients are located in over 26 countries, including Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Spain, The UK, Chile, UAE, and China.

HOW will you achieve such success?

You will pick the best methods for you to achieve your objectives

  • You enjoy our pressure free, sales free, and cost free very confidential “Discovery Conversation.” To clarify your situation and your goals to discover the best methods to help you achieve your objectives. Coaching is only one of the ten major Human Improvement Processes available to you. Approximately 60% are accepted as TCC clients because both you and TCC have to agree that using a coach would be best for you to achieve your goals.
  • YOU, our client, are the KING or QUEEN of the entire process. Furthermore we make sure your coaching is done right for you! We make sure ALL six (6) of the “Key Conditions to Successful Coaching” are met. Coaching, like any other Human Improvement Process, must be performed under the right conditions to succeed. TCC has not only identified the 6 key conditions to success, but TCC Guarantees that 4 of them will be met. You bring the other 2.
  • We Guarantee that you will pick your ideally matched coach for you from the Best of the Best Coaches Worldwide, or you get your money back.
  • Only 105 of the approximately 3,050 coaches who have applied have passed our rigorous screening program and have been kept as active TCC Member Coaches. If they fail to meet our highest standards in the English-speaking world, we part ways immediately. TCC Member Coaches MUST be very experienced coaches with excellent success rates and have the “natural gift of coaching.”
  • TCC Clients Determine the quality and success rates of TCC Member Coaches. TCC Member Coaches must constantly prove themselves to TCC clients to stay on the team. Most TCC Member Coaches have been on the team over 8 to 12 years.

“Knowing more about who I truly am and learning to listen to myself gives me the courage to try things I never thought were quite a fit for me before. I needed to truly know it was OK to do the things I wanted to do.”

Lisa Echerd

You take NO RISKS by contacting TCC! WHY?

The Discovery Conversation is open with NO OBLIGATIONS to either you or TCC

You will be able to make a very Informed decision about whether using a coach is right for you. You will learn a lot about coaching and how it compares to consulting, therapy, etc. either through the Discovery Conversation or by reading this web site, to include the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If offered, you will enjoy our “Money Backed Initial Cycle of Coaching.” You will receive a minimum of 6 coaching sessions; can be more, WITHOUT RISK. WHY? Because you can get a Full Refund afterwards, just by asking. You not only select your ideal coach from a minimum of 3 coaches you have real sessions with, but you will also conduct 3 more sessions with the coach of your choice.

There are NO CONTRACTS to lock you up, forcing you to pay for coaching you don’t want. TCC must be so effective every month at taking you towards your goals, at your pace and on your agenda that you will want to continue coaching the next month.

Once you achieve your goals, based upon YOUR DECISION, frequently faster and more completely than you would think, you can easily discontinue coaching.


Your Costs to achieve your goals are much lower with TCC than anywhere! WHY?

The coaching fees charged by TCC Member Coaches are about 40% BELOW Industry Average. WHY and HOW?

  • 1. The Coaching Industry sets fees that are way too high and are frequently excessive. Many coaches practice that psychological spin that they must be very good coaches to charge such high fees. Coaching IS worth it, but the exorbitant fees are not right.
  • 2. TCC Coaches bundle their coaching into small packages to give you a big discount.
  • 3. TCC and our Coaches keep our costs down. There are NO SALES COSTS. WHY? No Salespeople! Marketing costs are spread among 105 coaches, and there are no employee costs.
  • 4. TCC publishes all of our fees up front. We want you to know our fees before you contact TCC. Approximately 60% of all coaching websites do NOT publish their fees.
  • 5. TCC has NO INCENTIVE to direct you to higher priced coaches. TCC keeps a flat “X” amount, regardless of the fees, and the coaches get all of the rest. No commissions!
  • 6. You get to have short, between session calls with you TCC coach at no extra cost. You are NOT on the clock.
  • 7. You get to have unlimited email support from your coaches at no extra cost.

A vast majority of the fees are paid to the Member Coaches, who deserve it. Thus, when TCC Member Coaches are finally accepted, they work hard to be sure you will achieve your goals, so they will stay on the team and be picked next time.

“The quality of coaching you receive and the quality and quantity of goals you achieve through coaching are NOT PRICE SENSITIVE.” Thus, you do NOT have to pay excessive fees to get high quality coaching. You would be just paying too much to a coach whose sales gimmick is that they must be worth it because they charge so much.

You can switch coaches at anytime you want, without missing a beat. If you decide switching coaches is best for you we will do so immediately after you tell us, even in the middle of a cycle, if needed.

You will achieve all of your coachable goals through your TCC Member Coach, most likely at the same time. You do not have to get different specialty coaches for different goals.


Give Someone You Care About The “Gift of Coaching”

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